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Fall In Love With Playing The Drums

Do you struggle to keep your child practicing and focused? It’s an age old problem that, as a drum teacher, I have been trying to wrap my brain around since I started teaching nearly 16 years ago. How do I get my students to practice? First of all lets dispel a few myths around the […]

Reflections on my career and confidence.

Am I getting old or what?? I feel like I’m finding more of my self confidence the older I get. I’m can feel my confidence growing and growing inside me. Whether it be in a work situation or in my personal life. Picking up the phone or scheduling the meeting I’ve been putting off for […]

Teaching as a mindset, not a skill set.

Being a teacher is a mindset, not a skill set. The skill in teaching lies not in the craft the teacher has developed but more in the mindset and outlook on how they are trying to teach. Now, this isn’t to say that any individual can teach any subject, I couldn’t teach you how to […]

New Trinity Guild Hall Grade 1 & 2 Syllabi

First impressions The cover art looks great! Nice colours and a nice matt finish Exercises On first glance they look a bit more comprehensive than the previous set of exercises. By this I mean they have clearly thought about the early stages of learning and how the body adapts to moving around the drums. They […]