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Fall In Love With Playing The Drums

Do you struggle to keep your child practicing and focused? It’s an age old problem that, as a drum teacher, I have been trying to wrap my brain around since I started teaching nearly 16 years ago. How do I get my students to practice? First of all lets dispel a few myths around the […]

Learning To Play The Drums Can Be Overwhelming!

It’s all a bit much!! Does it sometimes seem like learning to play the drums can be overwhelming? Or maybe one day everything seems to be going great when you’re practising and the next it feels like you’ve moved back instead of forward? I know I definitely have those days. The sticks feel super heavy, […]

2019, what a year it’s been!

There have been points throughout my life and career that have really stopped me in my tracks. Whether that’s been for good or bad they have really hit me. As I sit and write this I’m at the end of what has been one of my best years to date in my personal life, financially […]