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Is Contemporary Music Uni Worth It?

Studying at a high level in an area you’re passionate about seems like a perfect fit but is it really?A music degree sounds like a great idea, surrounded by like-minded people, lots of networking events and high-quality tuition to take your playing to the next level, but it’s not necessarily for everyone.Hopefully, this will help […]

Reflections on my career and confidence.

Am I getting old or what?? I feel like I’m finding more of my self confidence the older I get. I’m can feel my confidence growing and growing inside me. Whether it be in a work situation or in my personal life. Picking up the phone or scheduling the meeting I’ve been putting off for […]

2019, what a year it’s been!

There have been points throughout my life and career that have really stopped me in my tracks. Whether that’s been for good or bad they have really hit me. As I sit and write this I’m at the end of what has been one of my best years to date in my personal life, financially […]