Episode 10 (Mini Episode) – Are student grades worth it in music education?

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Welcome to the Al’s Drum School podcast hosted by Alex Moody and, on occasion, co-hosted by Jordan Whittingham.

This weeks episode is a mini episode where Alex explains his opinion on whether or not grades are worth it in music education, the benefits or set backs of following the grade structure, and how we approach music grades here at Al’s Drum School.


This podcast is our way of talking directly to drummers, musicians (aspiring or pro), and music industry entrepreneurs about our journey of growing a thriving Drum School.

Al’s Drum School teaches all levels of drummer in person, online, and on-demand and is growing a community passionate about drumming, building exciting products in the music space, or planning to have a career in this industry.

For honest and open chats, mixed with humour and some random talk as well – this is the podcast for you!


Alex Moody is owner & founder of Al’s Drum school and former touring musician with Top 40 UK album credits and has played some the largest venues across the UK.

Jordan Whittingham is Alex’s business partner and owner of ⁠Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy⁠, among other business interests. Whilst not a musician himself he brings a fresh viewpoint to music discussions and has a vast knowledge in areas such as business growth, marketing, and finance.


This episode is bought to you by Al’s Drum School. Based in Sussex, UK, Al’s Drum School offers a multitude of ways for aspiring musicians to learn the drums. Whether in person, remote or on demand Al’s Drum School students are guaranteed the highest quality of learning by passionate and skilled teachers. You can find out more about Al’s Drum School ⁠here⁠.


This episode is also bought to you by ⁠Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy⁠, a best-in-class marketing agency specialising in social media growth and online branding. Boasting over 50 clients in 5 different countries if you want your business to thrive online then Whittingham Marketing & Consultancy is the company you need.

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