Episode 10 (Mini Episode) – Are student grades worth it in music education?

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Episode 9 (Mini Episode) – Does a beginner need a practice schedule?

Welcome to the Al’s Drum School podcast hosted by Alex Moody and, on occasion, co-hosted by Jordan Whittingham. This weeks episode is a short form mini episode where Alex talks about the benefits of having and building a practice routine regardless of your experience level.~This podcast is our way of talking directly to drummers, musicians […]

Unleash Your Inner Drummer with the Alesis Nitro Electric Drum Kit

Introduction For aspiring drummers and seasoned musicians alike, the world of electronic drum kits has undergone a revolution in recent years. One name that stands out in this rapidly evolving landscape is the Alesis Nitro Electric Drum Kit. This innovative drum kit has been making waves in the music industry, offering drummers a versatile and […]

Tea Time with Jordan & Alex – How luck plays a part in success, why Alex is enjoying teaching again, and why patience is the key to winning

Welcome to the Al’s Drum School podcast hosted by Alex Moody and, on occasion, co-hosted by Jordan Whittingham. This weeks episode is a fan-favourite tea time with Jordan and Alex, where topics discussed range from Al’s latest Dad life events, why he’s enjoying teaching full time again, how luck plays a part in success and […]

Episode 7 (Mini Episode) – Alex discusses our recent acquisition of a local company, company structure changes, and his latest live performance alongside ska and reggae band The Dualers

The return of the Al’s Drum School Podcast! This weeks episode is a mini-episode breaking our short podcast hiatus which Alex explains is due to our recent acquisition of another local drum school. In this episode Alex also covers some changes to how the company is run behind the scenes, his latest ‘Dad Life’ events, […]

Kick start your drumming journey with Al’s Drum School’s Beginners Drum Course!

Introducing the complete beginners course from Al’s Drum School. Unlock your rhythm and unleash your inner drummer with Al’s Drum School’s beginners drum course! Learn the fundamentals of drumming from expert instructor Alex Moody in an engaging and interactive online environment. Develop essential skills, such as proper technique, timing, and coordination, through step-by-step lessons and […]

Episode 6 – Kerry Edwards, professional drummer and tutor on how he got started, taking inspiration from Dave Grohl, building a business in the music industry, and changes since becoming a father.

This weeks episode is our first of the New Year and our first ever guest! Alex sits down to interview professional drummer and drum tutor Kerry Edwards on how he got started in music, taking inspiration from Dave Grohl, changes since becoming a father, and the importance of slowing down the process. Kerry is an […]

Tea Time With Jordan & Alex – Fear of failure, Economic uncertainty, DadLife & Jordan Googles Drumming!

This weeks episode is a long form ‘Tea Time’ conversation between business partners Alex Moody & Jordan Whittingham where we discuss topics such as fear of failure, economic uncertainty affecting business, recognising what industry you’re really in, and we hear the latest from regular features such as DadLife and fan-favourite Jordan Googles Drumming! ~ This […]